Product of the Week 1/24/17

Our premium Wax Liquidizer products transform your favorite herbal concentrates like shatter, bubble hash, crumble, honey and live resin into a tasty E-juice for an incredible, delicious vaping experience. We use only the finest ingredients, with no additives, nicotine or vegetable glycerin to compromise the performance of our Wax Liquidizer products.

The wax delivers a smooth, even quality to your E-juice. Unlike other vape mixes that separate into layers when herbal oils are added, E-juices created with Wax Liquidizer retain their smooth, even viscosity to heighten the taste and the effect of your vaping experience.

Create your Ejuice in the privacy and convenience of your apartment or home using our quick and easy Mix Kit, available for purchase on this site. Follow our directions for use to ensure superior performance of your Wax Liquidizer with your favorite herbal concentrates. In less than one minute you’ll have beautifully-infused Vape Oil for immediate or day-long use in your personal vaporizer, atomizer or tankomizer.

Vape when and where you choose, thanks to the odor-free, smoke-free vaping experience. Bypass non-smoking restrictions and the telltale issue of odor. Use in your setting of choice, without concern or risk. You’re free to vape without discretion while enjoying one of our six great tasting flavors and the smoke-free pleasure of vapor.

The proprietary blend of the highest quality ingredients developed by Wax Liquidizer was formulated specifically to turn wax into vape oil. Wax Liquidizer turns Shatter to ejuice, Wax Liquidizer turns budder to e-liquid. If the concentrate you are using has the yellowish to dark honey color Wax Liquidizer will liquidize it to a quality vape juice that does not separate.

Concentrates such as Kief that have a more dull look due to the fact they still contain plant matter are not recommended for the best results. If the concentrate is BHO or PHO based it will provide the best results. Not only will these provide you an excellent concentrate infused vape oil Wax Liquidizer provides you 6 great flavors to choose from to add to your vaping experience. To get started, order your Wax Liquidizer products and Mix Kit today.