Product of the Week 2/7/17

Complete Cannabis Starts Here

KLEAR Kryptonite doesn’t just clean pipes, bongs and the surfaces they touch. It helps protect your investment and provides complete care for the pieces you love.

Shake-Free Means Break-Free

There’s no need to recklessly shake delicate glass and ceramic pieces or subject them to abrasive materials. Kryptonite uses good chemistry to create a safe, easy cleaner that gets the job done without all the damage.

We Have Cleaning Down to a Science

Only Kryptonite has been designed and tested by scientists and chemists specifically for the cannabis industry. This clay-based, water-soluble product is EPA-approved and therefore gentler to the environment than competitive commercial products.

It’s Time to Breathe Easy

Cleaning your piece actually has health benefits too. Just think about how much filth and bacteria is lurking on frequently used pipes and one-hitters—not to mention mold in water pipes and bongs. Without regular cleaning, that grime goes straight into your mouth and body. But with Kryptonite, it’s simply washed away.

Meet the All-Over Clean

Kryptonite effortlessly cleans the hard-to-reach inside spaces of any glass, ceramic or metal piece, plus external surfaces and anything else that needs a little spic-and-span, including clothing and hands.

Safety First

Many commercial cleaning products are loaded with harsh chemicals, and common homespun methods like boiling water, isopropyl alcohol and salt water are abrasive and/or dangerous. Kryptonite is a safe, simple way to get the clean you need.

Not impressed yet? No problem! Kryptonite has you covered.

Use Kryptonite on dab rags, shirts, jeans, and other cloth material to remove unwanted stains from dabbing, pen marks, and other canna-related stains.

Still waiting to be impressed?

We’ll even throw in the kitchen sink. Even if you’re Old School and prefer salt & alcohol, use Kryptonite to remove the dab marks, tar, resin, and other canna-related residue from your sink.

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